The hiring process in corporate America never stagnates, with those who embrace the changing winds able to navigate uncharted waters. The traditional application has completely changed over the last decade. Large corporations have gone to relying on recruitment centers overseas to fill their vacant positions. This leads to a system where quantity and speed is prioritized over quality of application. When a position opens up, within forty-eight hours the management has received thirty “qualified” resumes. Any application that comes after that point will be ignored. Vacancy postings, however, usually remain “open” even after this point. This is what we refer to as a “pipeline model.” The best way for us to ensure your resume gets read in that first round of applications is to partner with us.


This is a process that requires a well maintained effort from us and yourself. Namely, you need to have an active professional social media status. You should already have your resume stored with services such as Indeed, Monster, or Linkedin. Your accounts on these sites should be updated regularly and monitored daily. An opportunity can come by at any time and you need to be ready to capitalize on that opportunity. However, working with a staffing company you can trust relieves some of that pressure off of you. For one, we can present you within the forty-eight hour mark to ensure your application is looked at by hiring managers. Select Group will also disclose if a position is a “pipeline” role or not. We’re committed to giving you the most transparent hiring process possible.